Friday, December 17, 2010

To Change or Not to Change?

As you may have noticed, I have included advertising to this blog.  I figured, "What the hell!"  If I post as often as I do, I might as well get paid for it, so here they are.  I will naturally need to do some tweaking, because the templates for Google Ads don't appear to fit the templates for Blogger page content.

So the next step is to change the name of this blog.  How much money you make off the Advertising is based on how many clicks the ads get.  So site traffic is essential.  Which bring me to my point.  Having a food blog who's name has nothing to do with food doesn't make a lot of sense.  It sure won't increase traffic, and it may DECREASE traffic.

This blog has been active since 2006, so with a heavy heart I will be changing the name of this blog from Doc Savageland to...


and the domain name will be

This change will take place on Monday, but I wanted to give viewers the heads up before I make the change.  I didn't want anyone to make the trip and suddenly find the page missing.

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