Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bon Cop, Bad Cop, Good Movie!

I saw this film Bon Cop, Bad Cop on Saturday. I remember seeing the trailer last month and was excited by the idea of seeing a Canadian movie that didn’t have something to do with wheat fields, tragedy and necrophilia. There seems to be this conspiracy to ensure films that could only interest a small demographic get made in Canada. When you think of all the extremely successful Canadian talent that has gone across the border, you wonder what Canadian film would look like if they had stayed and took the hard road of building something here.

Well Bon Cop, Bad Cop is that answer. I haven’t laughed this hard watching a movie in quite some time. Bon Cop, Bad Cop is living proof that Canadian movies don’t suck. It’s a buddy cop movie that reinvents itself by satirizing everything Canadian. A lot of Canadian movies tend to scream at you “hey we’re Canadian!” and end up losing sight of the fact that it’s more important that the movie be good. This film never forgets to be good.

People in English Canada have fallen into apathy in regards to film. Make no mistake. 99% of what you seen are FOREIGN films. Everything you see is not us, it’s either American or the rest of the world. See your own country for a change and I think you will be surprised that you will enjoy it.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop is easily the best-written movie I have seen this year, and anyone who knows me, knows that I am one of the pickiest filmgoers out there. So I recommend that you take as many people as you can to see this movie. See it before Hollywood tries to take it out of the theatres!

Captain Canuck says "your country needs you." So go see a Canadian film today! This time they rolled out a good one for us!

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